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Every now and then I get a flashback from my childhood! You can’t beat a bit of nostalgia. Back in the 1970’s our family would sit around the dining table for Sunday lunch, we often had visitors who would just show up with perfect timing, as if they could smell the gravy. Our dining room had a large fireplace that my dad had stuck artificial cream, grey, blue and pink bricks to. It was one of the fads at the time! A bit like the outside of Jack and Vera Duckworth’s house on Coronation Street.

What is my flashback you may ask? Well, it was the Moulinex electric carving knife, I still remember it clearly, the top was white and the bottom half was bright orange, very 70’s looking, but at the time, we were the bees knees! It was a great knife no need to actually do any carving actions, just hold the knife blades on the top of the meat and it would saw its way through. We had that knife for years and I don’t remember the blades ever getting sharpened, I wonder what happened to it? I know you can still get electric knives, but they are not orange and white with that perfect retro look.

That electric knife led me to think about Christmas and the sheer terror I felt when I was asked to carve the turkey for the first time. Do you remember your first carving? I had seen it done so many times, but had I really been taking notice? Judging by the state of the turkey and the tiny shreds of meat I’d managed to remove, I am guessing that, no, I had not taken any notice of how to carve a turkey! It is a skill that should be taught in schools!

I now do the carving myself and no longer fear the task. I quite look forward to it, as that means it’s nearly time for sprouts, bread sauce and cranberries!

As a sharpener, I have no excuse or reason to have blunt knives in the house and to be honest, if I get a new stone or hear of a new technique, I will test it on my own knives. Cutting the Christmas turkey or indeed any food is so much easier when the knives are sharp.

At this time of year, the shops are full of Advent calendars and boxes of Roses and Quality Street (those were bigger in the 1970’s). Sharpening businesses are getting the knives taken to them so they are ready for the Christmas turkey and the children are making their lists for Santa. It’s a busy time of year for many of us.

We will be sharpening carving, boning and other knives at the workshop until 20th December so please make sure they are dropped off in time. (If posting knives, please ensure they are safely packed).

Just a quick note to say that we do not use electric ‘pull through’ sharpening machines as we prefer to have the option of different angles for the particular knives. We use whetstones and stropping and in severely damaged cases will start on the water grinding wheel or belt.

Don’t forget to give us a call if you have any questions. See you soon.

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  1. Left 5 knives a machete 2 axes and very very pleased with results, fantastic work and ready when said they would be. . Highly recommended

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