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Whether you use chisels for DIY around the home or for professional use, they must be maintained so that they can be used effectively. We can sharpen your chisels at a low cost.

tool sharpening

Drill Bits


If you’re finding that your drill is becoming less effective, it may be because your drill bits have become blunt. Sharpened drill bits can and improve the efficacy, and lengthen the life, of your tools.

garden tool sharpening

Hedge Shears


Garden tools, such as hedge shears, can be expensive to replace, however with maintenance and sharpening, they not only last longer, but work more efficiently too.

Hedge Trimmers


We sharpen hedge trimmers at our Wigan workshop, this includes both electric and fuel trimmers. Please ensure that cables are supplied with electric trimmers as the blades need to be repositioned to enable correct sharpening of all relevant edges. If you are not local to our workshop, please remove blades and post them. We sharpen the same day and will post back, please ensure the relevant postage is applied.

axe sharpening

Large Axes


We have great experience in sharpening a range of large axes so that they stand the test of time due to their high-quality blade maintenance.

shear sharpening

Lawn Edging Tools


Don’t let your lawn tools become blunt and useless. We sharpen a variety of lawn edging tools to ensure that your garden equipment is kept in top condition.

plane iron sharpening

Plane Irons


We offer a specialised service for the sharpening of plane irons to ensure that your blades remain to be maintained at a high level for DIY and professional use.

blade sharpening

Rotary Mower Blade


Rather than replacing a mower that seems to have seen better days, consider sharpening your rotary mower blades to restore your mower back to top working condition.

tool sharpening



If you are using secateurs in your own garden, or for a professional purpose, keeping the blades sharp will elongate their lifespan and ensure that you’re equipped with the high quality tools you need.

axe sharpening

Small Axes


Small axes may seem more work than they are worth with a blunt blade. With a sharper blade, you will find tasks which require your small axe will be much easier to complete.

tool sharpening



Garden tools, whether used domestically or professionally, require maintenance and sharpening. We offer a personalised service for the sharpening of spades.