Posting items to Northwest Sharpeners Ltd 

Sending your items for sharpening couldn’t be easier. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Safely secure your items. Either wrap them in paper or tissue, or tape to card and put in a bubble padded envelope (Jiffy type) Please do not place items in boxes or pouches as it adds to the postage costs.
  2. Enclose a note with your name, phone number and order number (found on your online order form).
  3. Then write the address: Anglia Clipper Services. Unit 7 Patches Yard. Glemsford. Sudbury. Suffolk CO10 7PZ

If you prefer a more secure service, please choose your own postal options.


What happens when we receive your items for sharpening?


On receipt of the bags from the post office the individual packages are opened, items are checked for damage.

Items are married up with the order form, the items are then moved from the inward post area to the sharpening area.

We are able to sharpen some clipper blades with missing teeth provided there are no more than 2 missing teeth together, please consider the finish of the clip if several teeth are missing.

Scissors and clipper blades are then sharpened using the most appropriate method for the individual item. We have a multitude of stones, belts, discs and machinery for the tasks. Oil is applied where required.

Scissors are serviced and checked for sharpness and any small parts are replaced free of charge where required. A5 type clipper blades will have blade rail guards and screws renewed free of charge if required. Tension is checked and adjusted accordingly. Clipper blades are tested on fake fur to ensure sharpness.

When the item has been sharpened and tested (where appropriate), it is then passed to the packaging area. Dependent on the item, some are placed in bags, others will be safely wrapped in paper to avoid damage during return transit. Items are returned in bubble lined envelopes or boxes for added protection.

Items are sharpened the day we receive them and are back in the post the same day where possible. In general we use the Royal Mail service.

Please contact us if you require any further information. 

Royal Mail 1st class signed for – up to 500 g                      £3.79

Royal Mail 1st class signed for – up to 1kgs                       £4.85

Royal Mail 1st class signed for – up to 2kgs                       £6.57

Royal Mail 48 signed for – items up to 2 kgs                     £6.30

(Royal Mail signed for offers a signature on delivery and up to £50 compensation for peace of mind. The Royal Mail tracked offers a tracking service to ensure the receiver and sender has confirmation of the delivery) Tracking only shows when it was placed at the post office and when it is delivered, it does not say where it is in-between.

In the case where postage has been paid but is less than the actual cost, we will return the item at the option closest to the price paid (not necessarily signed for if the costs do not cover that option)

If you would like to discuss alternative postal options please call us to discuss.

Please ensure that items are packed securely and not in tins or items that would make their return more costly.